The icebreaker ARA "Almirante Irizar" in the Malvinas War - 1982

In Memoriam                  Veterans

The Icebreaker ARA “Almirante Irizar” (“Admiral Irizar”) it’s intimately related with the actions of our country in our Antarctic territory.

Since 1978 is a familiar presence in ice-covered waters, carrying out campaigns that are a huge logistical and scientific effort as nautical, meteorological and  glaciological conditions severe enough not to provide room for error.

In contrast, little is known about their outstanding participation in the South Atlantic conflict in March 1982 when Argentina, our country fight with the British Empire to recover the Malvinas Islands.

Prior to the conflict itself and as part of the Summer Antarctic Campaign “81-82”, the “Alte. Irizar” became part in December of 1981 in the first inspections that the argentine scrap metal dealer Constantino Davidoff and his economics advisers, made at the old whaling factories at Georgians Islands, situation and place, apparently triggers of the conflict with Great Britain.

Once Completed the Summer Antarctic Campaign of “81-82”, and from the initial moment of the fierce recovery of the Malvinas Islands the Alte. Irizar  took active participation in it, by integrating the Amphibious Task Force (TF-40) which led to a successful conclusion of Operation Rosario crowned with the statement  National Pavilion our Islands on April 2,1982. 

During transport to the islands by the TF-40 weathered a hurricane leveled storm that produced significant damage to the vessels of force, almost  aborting  the recovery of the islands.  Started the movement of troops, made the first landing of “helo operation”, moving off sections of the Argentine Marine Corps of our navy, and 25th Infantry Regiment  of the Argentine Army, initially in Port Stanley and then Darwin, near the town of Goose Green.

After the Rosario Operation passed to conform the Task Force (TF-79) acting as logistics force ship, running operations to supply our ships and troops under constant enemy threat, carrying war material and combat aircraft of the Argentine Army, forming part North Arm Clamp maneuver to attack the British Fleet, acting as Caller ship to guide our fighter pilots of the Argentine Air Force,  performing  the sea towing of the tanker ARA "Punta Médanos" under the British nuclear submarines stalking , crossed minefields and  providing  airborne radar  coverage to airports the South Atlantic seaboard of Argentina. 

At the end of the Malvinas War developed hospital ship functions, providing  medical aid to our soldiers, and complying with humanitarian efforts to provide medicine to the British medical units if they so requested. Actions completed, transported back to the Continental Argentina those who had fought with  ferocity, valor, bravery and dignity in our Malvinas. 

The staff and crew throughout the conflict, largely fulfilled their duty in the; and to the icebreaker ARA "Almirante Irizar" in each one of the different actions that  touched her participate, giving all from themselves, showing great courage and  professionalism as an offering Argentina to the nation, leaving perdurable mark  on its history.

After twenty five years of that quest pay tribute to our heroes. Those who rest in our islands, those who lie at the bottom of the Argentine Sea, those which once with their families could no longer be with us and those who are still with us.