1711 - First Planned Invasion to Buenos Aires; The Invasion that wasn't

A Proposal to embarrass Spain at their Colonies

The British visited our seas since 1683, with adventurers William Dampier, John Cook and Ambrose Cowley, all of the in one ship. In 1890 John Strong visited the Malvinas Islands and named Falkland Sound the strait that divides the two largest islands. Finally, in 1708 the islands were sighted y the english Corsair Woodes Rogers.

In 1711 a Memo was written, published twenty years later, with the suggestive title of :" A Proposal  for humbling Spain Written in 1711 by a person of distinction" This memo was a proposal to send an expedition to seize Buenos Aires with 2500 men, and provided a detailed account over natural resources and the country productions