When the news reached England of the occupation of Port Egmont by the Spanish, the English crown was prepared for war and demanded the wounded national honor was repaired. Spain sought the alliance of France, but this nation disowned the issue, arguing not prepared enough. Carlos III, King of Spain, had to give in and be referred back ordered Port Egmont, but leaving intact the Spanish sovereignty over the islands in an express declaration.

In these negotiations England pledged to return the islands, once a reasonable time has elapsed. This is what has been called the "secret promise". Port Egmont was returned to England on September 16, 1771. From that date, the British continued in Port Egmont and Spanish in Puerto Soledad, while diplomats Carlos III claimed the fulfillment of the "secret promise".

Not until May 20, 1774 the British abandoned the islands, evacuating Port Egmont, which was later destroyed by the Spaniards.

Met the English? Their "secret promise", although late, or other reasons, advised the evacuation? Maybe they realized the weakness of the position in a foreseeable probable war, or were very concerned about the insurrection of his great American colony (North America), which was in direct opposition to the English metropolis.

The English invasion well lasted from 1765 to 1774, with a short break in which, Port Egmont was taken by the Spaniards. Anyway, before and after British, whalers and sealers continued preying. Since just before the evacuation of Port Egmont, American sealers were also added.

The Spaniards in Malvinas, would continue to rule until 1811.