2008 - English Airport in Sierra Grande, Patagonia Argentina, Province of Rio Negro

In Port Lobo, near the Gulf of San Matias, the City of Sierra Grande, Province of Rio Negro, British companies had built an airport with a 2,000 meters long runway, located at 41 º 50 '34'' south latitude , 65 ° 04 '56'' west longitude.

As published in the newspaper Rio Negro, the possible clandestine air connection between the foreign runaway that businessmen own near Sierra Grande and the Malvinas Islands by fueguinos-reported media in the past days, prompted the concern of the governor of Tierra del Fuego, Fabiana Rios, who demanded an explanation from the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of National Defense.

The first data appeared in the news portal www.patagoniawouk.com.ar assured that foreign registered aircraft flew without authorization or control of the Air Force or Navy between Malvinas and Argentina into an existing private airport in Puerto Lobo, located in the Gulf of San Matias, near the town of Sierra Grande.

This runaway is already operating since February 23, 2008, the date on which he landed the first aircraft was a Beechcraft King Air B90, with Chilean-registered CC-CVZ. This aircraft was repainted and currently has registration D-AWKG, and continues to operate in the track of the Gulf of San Matías.

 The Argentina Air Force approved the operation of the airstrip, although it is impossible to control, since there is no radar to track the area, so it could take off or land any aircraft without being detected, then it can be said that there is a bridge air between Malvinas and the Argentine territory.

It is known that to Britain it costs big money to maintain supplied their colony in the Falkland Islands, not only with military supplies, but also medicines, foods etc..

The situation is more worrisome and suspicions that "Argentina has an airlift Malvinas", which can also be used for the most various purposes, from supplying the islands, tourism, illegal, or drug trafficking.

The track was built by the Company VIARSE SA a field property of Nicholas Bernardo Van Ditmar, president and shareholder of Bahia Dorada SA and Hidden Lake SA, although this is a figurehead, since the property belongs to English magnate Charles Joe Lewis.

The entire field is protected by a perimeter fence and guarded by heavily armed personnel, traveling with 4x4 trucks and quads.

The firm "Bahia Dorada Corporation," No. 30-70895443-4 CUIT, legally residing in Mitre Street No. 86, 2nd Floor, Department "F" of the City of San Carlos de Bariloche, Province of Rio negro, and Buenos Aires in Maipu Street No. 1210, 5th Floor. The only listed as owners of the firm, are Nicholas Bernardo Van Ditmar, National Identity Document No. 17336840, and his wife Gloria Venessa Mazza, National Identity Document No. 22535523.

The firm "Hidden Lake Corporation," No. 30-68590523-6 CUIT has legal residence in Mitre Street No. 86, 2nd Floor, Department "F" of the City of San Carlos de Bariloche, Province of Rio negro; Liniers Street No. 2734 of the City of El Bolson, Province of Rio negro, and Buenos Aires in Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear Street No. 624, 1st Floor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Mentioned as holders: Rasesh Hemendra Thakkar, CUIT No. 23-60205143-9; Pablo Roberto Mangini, CUIT No. 20-20913078-6; Charles Barrington Lewis, CUIT No. 20-60205145-6; Nicholas Van Ditmar Bernardo; and Jefferson Voss.

 Actually, who owns these companies is English Charles Joe Lewis, the others are figureheads.

Nobody knows what use give the track that flight frequencies, if they are national or international, if cargo or passengers, who controls them, if you go through Customs or Immigration.

The aircraft most often operates on that track, is the Dassault Falcon 900, former U.S. N158JA enrollment, usually led by Captain John Zoller, a native pilot Orlando, United States.

To Business "Tavistock Aviation,"  was suspended the authorization to operate in Argentina, in 2005, still continues to operate clandestinely on that track:

The text of the suspension is as follows:

Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services

Secretary of Transportation - Resolution No. 193/2005

Article 1: withdraw Tavistock Aviation Argentina SA the authorization granted by provision # 59 of 30 June 1999 of the former Undersecretary of Commercial Air Transport, River and Sea of the then Ministry of Transport of the Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services to exploit domestic non-scheduled air transport services of passengers, mail and cargo using reduced equipment size, on the grounds provided for in Article 135, paragraphs 1, 2 and 8 of law No. 17.285 (aircraft code).

Article 2: Tavistock Aviation withdraw Argentina SA the authorization granted by Resolution No. 24 of 1 December 2000 the former Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing, to exploit international non-scheduled air transport of passengers, mail and cargo using teams reduced size, on the grounds provided for in Article 135, paragraphs 1, 2 and 8 of the law No. 17.285 (aircraft code).

Article 3: Let notification the air conveyor that the present decision may file an appeal for reconsideration or an appeal to that, both under Articles 84, 89 and 90 of the rules of administrative, Decree 1759/72, to 1991, within the period of ten (10) or fifteen (15) days, respectively.