2007 - New British Invasion to the Argentina Continental Platform

The illegal Malvinas government (Falklands Islands Goverment) presented the map of its claims on the 350 miles of continental shelf around the Malvinas Islands and South Georgia in the Lisbon Treaty of December 2007, it was agreed that neither Malvinas, Georgias and South or South Sandwiches, and Antarctic Territories, belong to the Argentina.

The situation in the Malvinas is:

Kelpers-those since which are not-people who once were brought to our islands, ceased to be poor breeders of sheep and are now millionaires and fisheries managers, English first-class citizens.

In the Islands, Margaret Tacher businesses thrive under the movement of oil. This sinister woman paid for the Malvinas and in the long term,she  bet, keep part of Patagonia Argentina. Among other things, if a citizen wants to go to Argentine Malvinas, has to ask permission to England.

Argentines did not lose our rights: the battle cry was "the Malvinas are Argentine" and our dead rest there.

The issue is that Argentina is running out of time. The exclusion zone of the archipelago and the request for extension by Britain that would extend 350 miles, expires in May 2009 and so far we have time to state our position on the platform Argentina, when the English, joined the Falklands as its own territory, the Constitution of the European Union, to which they belong, and that is where, before the month of May 2009, the territorial extension is treated the same, until giving with Tierra del Fuego. "

Besides Gerardo Restom, referenced above, no other author, Andrew Graham Yoll, who wrote "The forgotten colony. Three centuries of English spoken in Argentina. "

Here the English plan reads "Divide the country into two:

1 - "Rio Negro to Tierra del Fuego as a British Protectorate;

2 - "Rio Negro north of the Argentina Bicentennial."