2000 - British Invasion to the Andes

The Treaty Argentine-Chilean Mining (Law 25,243 of 23/03/2000) and a virtual state was established throughout the Cordillera, defined as "Area of ​​Operations", governed by a commission-executive administering funded and self-dependent transnational mining companies of the British Crown. In turn, by a sort of constitution-that she herself created and modified according to the needs of companies-one Rules, both Argentine and Chilean laws are unknown. In short, it's as if "it were another country."

The catch is that every time you need to modify the treaty to suit business needs, the Administrative Commission is done by Art 18, inc. b. "Developing relevant leading to the signing of the Additional Protocol in the mining business specifics that require actions." And if that is not enough, mining companies operate through Article 19, 20 and 21 are added by Additional Protocols to the Treaty. So on the text of the law, by these firms modify articles and adapt the Treaty to their needs. They already have to ensure to carry water from one country to another.

They extract and take the gold, silver, copper, etc.., They take everything paying almost nothing, they take only a canon affidavit 1% of the declared value, polluting the waters of rivers and glaciers These mining they are replacing the Argentine State, giving money to municipalities, universities, state and private, NGOs, becan alumni, regional mini support ventures that are close to their businesses in order to buy consciences and create dependency.