1996 - Anglo Mapuche Invasion in Patagonia

The Mapuche State: British maneuver to divide the Patagonia

One of the most important and active "indigenous organizations" is the Mapuche, headquartered in the City of Bristol, England.

The directive board of the Mapuche foreign committee (EMF) is composed of 17 members, one of them, Reynaldo Mariqueo with araucano surname, and supposedly araucano, whereas the other 16 members, bearing names of Anglo-Saxon origin. This organization (CEM) is promoted and funded by England through its embassies, both in Chile and in Buenos Aires.

On May 11, 1996 a group of Europeans, according to his sayings, concerned the status of indigenous nations and peoples of the Americas, particularly the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina, launched in Bristol, England, Mapuche International Link organization (MIL) or Mapuche International Link.

This new organization replaced the Foreign Committee Mapuche (CEM), an organization that had been operating internationally since 1978, always from his base in the city of Bristol.

The committee intends that indigenous communities become autonomous, that they have large own lands, and when this be accomplished, to ask the United Nations (UN) under an item that is in effect at that body - "the Free self-Determination of Peoples "- and to create a state within other states, both in Argentina and Chile.

The disintegrator process of Argentina and Chile national states , is real and already started with fields, hotels, schools and even chapels made ​​by Mapuche activists in the area intended to create the "Mapuche state" in the mountainous area of Neuquen and the Rio Negro

In fact, by the Argentine-Chilean Mining Treaty (Law No. 25,243 of 23/03/2000) and a virtual state is created across the Cordillera and the two neighboring countries, defined as "Area of ​​Operations", governed by an Administrative Commission executive-power self-funded and dependent on transnational mining companies in the British crown.

In turn, by a sort of self-constitution itself that was created and modified according to the needs of companies-one Rules, both Argentine and Chilean laws are unknown. In short, it's as if "it were another country."

The catch is that every time you need to modify the Argentine Chilean Mining Treaty, to suit the needs of businesses, the Admistrative Commission is done by Art 18, inc.b. "Developing relevant leading to the signing, of the Additional Protocol in the mining business specifics that require actions."

And if that is not enough, mining companies operate through Article 19, 20 and 21 which through Additional Protocols were added to the Treaty. So on the text of the law N º 25,243, by these Articles firms change and adapt the Treaty to their needs. They already have to guarantee be able to carry water from one country to another without permission or knowledge of its authorities..

The companies take gold, silver, copper, etc., take everything simple without comptroller affidavit states, polluting the waters of rivers and glaciers.

These miners are replacing the Argentine State, giving money to municipalities, universities, state and private, NGOs, make a schollarship alumni, regional support mini enterprises that are close to their businesses in order to buy consciences and create dependency.

With the creation of the Mapuche State we would lose not only the land and minerals, and in fact we're losing, but drinking water from glaciers, springs which rise in the high peaks, and that in the future we would have to buy the water that is now ours.

The use of the term "Mapuche" and false claims of these are solvents and disintegrating moves towards the Argentine State, because all Aborigines have the same rights and the same obligations as any inhabitant of Argentina.

The "Araucanians" today called "Mapuche" began to arrive from Chile in the seventeenth century, this process is known as araucanización of Pampa, was a cultural invasion, accompanied by an armed invasion.

In 1830 coming from Chile chieftain Calfucurá, who asked a meeting of all the chiefs and indigenous peoples of the region, most accepted, when this is accomplished, Calfucurá intoxicates and kills everyone!, Almost reaching the extermination our "Puelches", "Tehuelches", "Ranqueles", "Pampas" and other peoples, being absolute master of the whole region. For all these tricks, the Cacique Calfulcurá, was called "the Desert Fox."

By invading our Patagonia, the "Araucanian" counted among with weapons Remington rifles that the British sold them across the mountains in exchange for yeguarizos, cattle and all things of value in their raids could steal.

Neither Brigadier General Rosas, nor the General Roca, nor any historian or classic author as Estanislao Zeballos, Lucio Mansilla and Manuel Prado, never mentioned the Mapuche people!, neither is written in the history books of the provinces where they plagued, therefore are not an indigenous people of Argentina.

So why the Araucanians and other indigenous peoples of Argentina,  want to be called Mapuche? The reason is that they want to include all Aboriginal peoples into one, "Mapuche", so you can cover more territory (Argentina and Chile) for the supposed new Mapuche Nation.

This is the story of the British raid dangerous acts in the shadows, is a true "British Malon" a raid that we want to break down and steal our country from creating a state within the Argentine State. How do you want to create?, As they have always done the English pushing, blackmailing, buying our leaders, national and provincial and anyone who opposes this sinister plan.

This plan is constantly violates the Constitution until it is no longer valid, achieve the destruction of the armed forces so that when they invade, no organized resistance focus, promote drug until the crime is uncontrollable, widespread corruption and chaos, then it will be for them the right to invade our country, the UN-mandated time or other force or multinational organization, to bring peace, order, and so to create the Mapuche state, which will actually be a state-English Protectorate.

Blond Mapuches based in Bristol (England):

According to the site www.mapuche-nation.org, the NGO Mapuche International Link - (EMI - MIL), consists of the following persons:

Secretary General: Reynaldo Mariqueo.

Assistant Secretary General: Nina Dean.

Treasurer: Gemma Swistak.

Administrator: Colette Linehan.

Legal Team: Andrea Rubio, James Watson (LLM), Gillian Melville (LLM), Tanya Roberts-Davis

Human Rights Team:

Coordinator: Rachel Warren Dixon

European Section Coordinators: Cécil Jagoo and Barbara Chambers.

Volunteer Coordinator: Madeline Stanley.

Translators: Madeline Stanley - Katy Brickley - Kitty McCarthy - Heidi Walter Sabine Patrolin - Barbara Chambers - Laetitia Le Cordier and Anna Harvey.