In 1990 England again unilaterally make the so-called Outer Conservation Zone (Falkland Islands Outer Conservation Zone, FOCZ) extending the Conservation Area and exclusion of 150 nautical miles (278 kilometers) to the north, east and south of the Islands 200 nautical miles (370 kilometers).

 The conservation remains an essential argument, since the extension of fishing permits to 25 years was justified by a spokesman for the British embassy in Buenos Aires saying:

"whoever has permission to 25 years will take care more the resources that and whoever goes fishing."

While British newspapers are placing the claim sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands as part of the Argentine folklore along mate, tango and football; spaces and natural resources in dispute to continue providing kelpers extra income for the region, in the name of conservation. And the UK government argues that its sovereignty over the Malvinas is beyond dispute.