1988 - Demonstration of Military Power by the English in Malvinas

As of March 16, 1988 the UK undertook a series of maneuvers and military training exercises in the archipelago collectively  named "Focus Fire".

This massive exercise involved the transport of a thousand soldiers from Parachute Battalions, involving planes from the Royal Air Force, and movements of ships of the Royal Navy and ended 31 that month.

Buenos Aires answered vigorously with a military mobilization and raised several complains in international forums . In a letter to the President of the Security Council of the UN, Argentina warned about : ..... the situation Created in the South Atlantic by the decision of the UK government to conduct military maneuvers in the Malvinas .... On March 18, the Permanent Council of the OAS issued, with 27 votes in favor, none against and two abstentions, a resolution expressing "deep concern over the consequences of British actions." The Non-Aligned Movement issued a statement "strongly deplored" the decision to London to perform military exercise.