1955 - British Pretension to the International Court of Justice

On May 4, 1955, the British government launched before the International Court of Justice a complaint against Argentina on the rights of sovereignty over the "Dependencies of the Malvinas Islands", including South Georgia, South Sandwich and the English call "British Antarctic Territory".

The presentation, entitled "Application of the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the incursions of the Argentine Government in British Antarctic Territory", asked the Court to declare that:

 "The UK, unlike in Argentina, owns, and in all relevant times has possessed valid and lasting sovereignty over all the territories covered by the dependencies of the Falkland Islands legal rights, especially in the South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia, South Orkneys, South Shetland Islands, Graham Land and Coats Land. "

The presentation also included a request that the Court forced to Argentina to respect the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and to cease its claims to exercise sovereignty over the territories of the Dependencies.

Argentina does not accept the jurisdiction of the Court, or any other international court, mediation or arbitration panel. Thus, Argentina started to count only United Nations, the Organization of American States or the Non-aligned as a forum to present their claims. Britain never submitted the case of the Malvinas Islands to the Court.

The General Assembly of the United Nations on December 16, 1965 ,positively voted for 94 nations framed the "Malvinas" case as a clear case of Territorial colonialism and urges England to resume talks with Argentina to overcome the conflict over sovereignty of the islands.