In January 1952 arrived at Hope Bay the English Oceanographic Vessel HMS "John Biscoe" commanded by Captain William Johnston, droping anchor in front of the Argentine Naval Detachment "Esperanza" recently established and fully operational.

After the maneuver without any communication, proceeded to disembark materials and equipment.

The Head of the Argentine Detachment Midshipman Paradelo received from his direct superior, the Commander of the Argentinean Antarctic Naval Force , Commander Diaz the order to resist the disembarkation by using all the means at his disposal.

The Midshipman Paradelo loged a protest with the British commanders and how they dismissed it and continued the landing finally received orders to repel through the fire, which was complied with by Paradelo and his sailors opened fire with machine guns, the British withdrew from the area abandoning all material landed.

Long afterwards was returned to the invaders everything left. Incidents in Antarctica continue repeating and announced a progressive occupation of the region.