1948 - Fourth British Invasion to the Argentinean Antarctica

In February 1948 the crawler ARA "Parker" from the Argentine Navy, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Sq. Guillermo Zarrabeitia intercepts for fishing illegally in waters adjacent to the Argentine Decepcion Island the Norwegian fishing vessel "Brategg" who claims to be hired by the British fishing company "Whalers Company" based precisely on Deception Island. The ARA "Parker" wrote the act of violating the Argentine Fisheries Act by the Norwegian fishing and headed to Deception Island which was presented at the British Base granting illegal fishing permits an official note of protest on behalf of the Argentine Government.

Later, the incidents were repeated around the Antarctic Naval Base "Melchior", on 04 March appeared on the scene the English Heavy Cruiser HMS "Nigeria", which had been detached from Portsmouth Naval Base in support of ship station on Malvinas the Corvette HMS "Snipe". This was the reaction of the British empire to the Argentine presence during the summer of 1947/48, where National Navy Warships conducted maneuvers in the waters adjacent to Deception and Melchior, which made disembarkations on different islands of the illegally called by the British "Dependencies".

This excessive show of force produced minor incidents among those present in the vicinity of Melchior Port, Argentine ships Minesweeper ARA "Parker" and Cutter ARA "King" who reacted to the arrogance of the English cruiser HMS Nigeria and the Corvette HMS "Snipe". The incident was resolved with the exchange of letters of protest and the withdrawal of the British, who remained stationed in the Malvinas until late 1949.