1936 - New British Invasion-Economic Pact Malbran - Edem

When expiring in 1936 Roca-Runciman Pact, Manuel Malbrán, who was the main contributor to the vice president in the previous bargaining Roca agreed with Anthony Eden, Prime Minister of the UK in the 50s, a new agreement, the so-called Covenant Malbrán -Eden, by which the former was extended but with advantages and disadvantages. The Argentina quota was reduced by 20 percent but happened to be administered by the national government, which was a double defeat for argentine invernadora oligarchy.

 Among other things, "the most preciated pearl of the British crown", saying Argentina by Vice President Roca, was more closely linked than ever for UK interests to the point that they had to accept a mechanism of change that virtually only allowed imports from this source since it was a tariff barrier that locked the ability to equip entrepreneurs in the U.S., mainly as in Germany or other countries.

Oyhanarte-D'Abernon; Roca-Runciman and Malbrán-Eden, all three were agreements to which the same criteria for an outdated export model is retained (if not ever had been) in which they Argentine side participated in a Radical and Conservatives and the British Conservatives and Labour that made the existence of both sides of political coherence, which in our case was the clamping of the state of the interests of livestock the Pampas.