For over a century the British Empire did not disguise its territorial claims in Antarctica, neither, in the South Atlantic, the Letters Patent issued on July 21, 1908 by King Edward VII, four years and a half after the creation of the Argentina Scientific Base "Orcadas" on "Laurie Island," Archipelago "South Orcadas", formally constituted in the Islands, South Georgia, South Orcadas, South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Territory and sandwich of Graham Land (Land of Saint Martin) as dependencies of the Colony of the Malvinas Islands, including within the delineated as possession of the Crown, part of Patagonia Argentina and southern Chile area

Let's hear a British author of this unusual unilateral declaration, first appropriated islands, lands and seas. "This year 1908 was marked by an event of supreme importance in the history of the islands on 21 July a Bachelor of Privilege was passed under the great seal, appointing the Governor of the Malvinas Islands as Governor of Georgia South Orkney Islands South Shetland Islands, South Sandwich Islands, and Graham Land and giving provisions for the government as colonial dependencies.

This vague, inappropriate title of Dependencies of the Malvinas islands comprising the ground between longitudes 20 ░ and 50 ░ W. south of latitude 50 ░ S and between longitudes 50 ░ and 80 ░ or south of latitude 58 ║ S. These limits include a Antarctic land area of the southern sector, and over a million square miles of sea, easily accessible for whaling, fishing and seal hunting, bringing the total area to about three million square miles, or one and a half percent of the total surface of the globe.

Sovereign dominion over seas and islands in 1908, when Britain held the "Mare Liberum" even today are being discussed property rights over the sea, especially sovereignty of coastal states. Moreover, in Antarctica not consulted nor taken into account Argentina's rights.

The most remarkable is that within this vast expanse was included nothing less than our southern part of province Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego and Chilean lands south of latitude 50 ║ S. belonging to neighboring territory of Magallanes.

Both the Argentine government and the Chilean protested this absurd and arbitrary measure and March 28, 1917, England rectified, amusing, its Antarctic empire and established as northern boundary, between the meridians 30 ░ and 8 ░ W, latitude 58 ░ S.

The rest was the same with this measure fell outside of the mentioned sector, the Malvinas which did not need the additional statement of arrogance and the Chilean and Argentine territories.

Our Antarctic sector, pointed out so sparingly as law, is fully included in the English sector.


This coarse "error", never explained, would signal the existence of an impulse to further expand the borders of its long colonial empire in the early twentieth century.

The Charts Patent in Britain are a royal decree of a kind royal decrees of the Spanish colonial administration. They are the ultimate expression of state law.

Charter from the British Crown in 1908:

 In mid-1908, during the presidency of JosÚ Figueroa Alcorta, a new cycle in diplomatic exchanges between the two countries opened the archipelago Malvinas Islands . On July 21, Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent issued a formally constituted South Georgia, South Orcadas, South Shetland, the Sandwich Islands and the territory of Graham Land (San Martin) as dependencies colony of the Malvinas Islands.

It is curious that this document include delineated within the possession of the Crown as part of Argentine Patagonia and southern Chile area.

New charter from the British Crown in 1917:

On March 28, 1917 a new Letter Patent corrected previous limits. These were established now between longitudes 20 ░ and 50 ░ west to south of latitude 50 ║ South, between longitudes 50 ░ and 80 ░ south of latitude 58 ║ South. The surface area totals three million square miles, equivalent "to one and a half percent of the total surface of the globe."

The Argentine government noted the contents of the letter to request the English sent a copy of the text. On February 20, 1909 it sent the request and accompanied the copy of the official text published in the Malvinas Island Gazette with a brief note in which he called the patent letter as "declaration".

Thousands of miles of their metropolis, the empire and power the English gave a show of strength and weakness maritime advantage of a friendly and cooperative nation.