After the failure of the first invasion of Tierra del Fuego, starred in 1830 and 1833 by English Captain Roy Fiz and Anglican Pastor Richard Matthews, the English American Missionary Society, Anglican missionary organization, founded in London and mission center in Falkland Islands since the invasion in January 1833, he again tried to settle in the Land of Fire.

The first attempt was in 1851 when established seven missionaries which were installed from the Falkland Islands who arrived in Picton Island, where his attempts to master, re-educate, evangelize and reduce the Yamana, native people of the place, failed and them being  rejected violently.

A new attempt to settle in the Tierra del Fuego took place in 1859, when four Anglican missionaries were killed, again by the Yamana, after his arrival at the cove Wulaia in Navarino Island.

 Finally, after 18 years of efforts and failures, the British of the Malvinas in 1869 succeeded in establishing a mission near Ushuaia Bay, the first settlement in Tierra del Fuego.

By September 1884, the National Government of Buenos Aires decided to permanently occupy those lands in order to preclude new British attempts designating Navy Colonel Sq. Augusto Lasserre, as commander of the Navy Expeditionary Division, which was comprised by  the Gunship ARA "Paraná" auxiliary ship ARA "Comodoro Py" the Cutter ARA "Patagones" and the  Transport ARA "Villarino".

The Naval Expeditionary Group arrived at the Bay of Ushuaia, which already existed in the area since 1869 the Anglican Mission which was located in an area close to the area currently occupied by the Mission of the Argentine Navy

On October 12, 1884 the act creating the Sub-Prefecture of Ushuaia is signed and hoisted for the first time and officially the Argentine national flag on a permanent outpost in the Tierra del Fuego, being part of the founding act Argentine authorities and the Anglican missionaries arrived from Malvinas, who of this form recognize the Argentine authority on the Tierra del Fuego.

The ceremony was reflected in the minutes drawn up by Lieutenant Commander Sq. Carlos Becar, third in hierarchy Gunship ARA "Paraná". The Argentine document attesting to what happened says:

In Oshoavia Bay, October 12, of the year 1884, assembled the chiefs and officers of the  South Atlantic Expeditionary Division, employees of the Maritime Sub-Prefecture of Tierra del Fuego, the Rev. Thomas Bridges Super-Intendant of the South-American Mission in this station, Don Juan Lawrence, and Don Roberto Whaits catechetical on the same Mission, established in this Bay, the Lord Head of the Division, Colonel Don Augusto Lasserre declared solemnly and officially opened the first Sub-Prefecture in these territories, representing Argentine in them the authority and will exercise our property, for which purpose-put in possession of the four buildings constructed with that object to the Sub-prefect appointed by the Hon. National Government and the continuous act Argentine flag was hoisted with the prescribed honors performed by the gunboat "Paraná" A twenty one gun salute, which was terminated the final installation ceremony, held on the day of the fourth year following the date of the current National Government to whose efforts should civilizing the country and the maritime world creating this important and humanitarian establishment ".

In faith whereof we signed everyone present this act.

signed: Augusto Lasserre - Thomas Bridges - Lázaro Itrurrieta - John Lawrence - Robert W. Whaits - José G. Maymó - D.J.Ford - Cárlos Méndez-Guillermo S. Mac Carthy - A. Alvarez - Juan P. Saenz Valiente -A. Virasoro y Calvo - Macedonio Bustos - Luis Fique  -Manuel Jasidakis - Angel C. Montero-Pedro F. Reyes  - Eduardo José Pozzo - Francisco Gambini - William Jyer -John Craig - Thomas Earnshard - J.Pnemaaticos - Giacomo D. Gregori”.