1825 - FIRST COMMERCIAL INVASION OF BUENOS AIRES - Treaty of Friendship, Free trade and navigation

By 1825 the British were still making the rounds, on February 2 of that year a treaty of friendship, commerce and freedom of navigation, between the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata and Great Britain is signed. Through this treaty, the United Provinces, were recognized as independent nation of the Kingdom of Spain, and reciprocal free trade, reduction in import duties and port fees were dismissed, both parties also stipulated, freedom of conscience for subjects of the British empire residing our territory, and the total abolition of slavery, established in Buenos Aires since 1813.

Really strange or sepoy was this treaty, because slavery had been abolished in 1813 and the Assembly was only somewhat declamatory, as soon a special decree allowing the British to continue slavery and on the other hand was signed or even boats we had to make that free trade and free shipping, put another way, all the benefits of the treaty was to the English.

Despite the recognition as a sovereign nation and the current treaty, January 2, 1833, the British again (1765 and 1769) and for the third time, militarily invade Puerto Soledad, in the Falkland Islands through Captain John Onslow, commanding the corvette HMS "Clio" territory under the Treaty of Tordesillas, was for the Kingdom of Spain, and then, for the transfer of land, being recognized our independence, came to belong to the United Provinces Rio de la Plata.