1807 - First English Invasion to Deseado Port – Argentine Patagonia.

Since the creation of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, the Spanish crown strengthened by establishing their territories, ports, forts, towns, industries, etc. along the southern coast of the viceroyalty, a new Spanish colonization effort was made between 1780 and 1807 in Puerto Deseado, Patagonia Argentina, with the establishment of a fishing company for catching, salting of hides and oil processing.

In 1780 Puerto Deseado is founded on a Spanish property that ended up being abandoned in 1784 but re-established in 1790, with the Royal Maritime Company of Carlos IV, in partnership with individuals, who built a factory of meat and whale oil and a stronghold that marked the economic course of the area bound to the sea.

Years go by and the Spanish fishing company continued its activity until 1807, alongside the British invasion that happened in Buenos Aires, an English frigate attacked Puerto Deseado causing major destruction in the town and the fishing factory, leading to the Spanish to dismantle and stop the activity of the factory. After the new invasion of Buenos Aires and in October 1807 the settlers of Puerto Deseado are transported somewhat to the North, going to settle in the active population of Carmen de Patagones, leaving the abandoned factory in Deseado. The remains of this fort were found in the current "Puerto Deseado" in 2008.