On June 25, 1806, British forces under the command of Brigadier General English Beresford started disembarking on the beaches of Quilmes. The Spanish Viceroy Sobremonte who was in command of Buenos Aires, try a defense but is defeated.

On the afternoon of June 27th Beresford comes to the strong of the city and receive the surrender of Buenos Aires. The Spanish commander Santiago de Liniers decided to organize the recapture and does so from Montevideo. On 12 August 1806 the forces of Liniers and all city residents rushed into reconquest of Buenos Aires, Beresford surrenders with his men.


Commander: English Commodore Home Popham.

Five warships

Five transport vessels.

Crew: 1606 sailors.

Landing party:

Commander: Brigadier General William Carr Beresford.

Troops: 1235 men from the British army.


Commander: Commander (Spanish) Sq.. Santiago de Liniers

Troops: The entire population of Buenos aires.

The actions:

In April 1806 departs from South Africa, Cape of Good Hope, a naval squadron of five warships and just as many transport vessels, all with British flag and the orders of Commodore Home Popham, carrying troops were commanded Brigadier General William Carr Beresford.

Before leaving, the top three leaders of the expedition had agreed to distribute the treasures that they suspected would be found in Buenos Aires and as British naval laws, the treasures were "GoodPrey", the agreement reserved to Major General David Baird the quota of the chief for having authorized the mission.

In June of that year confirmed their suspicions about Montevideo, through a Scotsman named Russel, who was a passenger in a schooner of Portuguese flag.


On June 25 the British landed in Quilmes, and occupy the city of Buenos Aires with little resistance. The terms of capitulation were established, in which the British require delivery of royal treasures, but these had been sent by the Viceroy to LujŠn.

On July 5 the treasure returns to Buenos Aires, and twelve days later the frigate HMS "Narcissus" sails to Great Britain with its precious stolen cargo from Buenos Aires.

On September 12 reaches the treasure Portsmouth, and eight huge trucks (each carrying 5 tons of silver pesos), left for London, where it is received with a huge joy, and is deposited in the Bank of England for distribution.

What the English did not imagine at the time, was that Buenos Aires was recaptured a month ago. This action was carried out by the then Spanish Commander Don Santiago de Liniers.

Just in 1808 the British were able to divide the spoils and after a judgment of the British authorities agreed the corresponding amounts to each.

Being a total of 296,187 pounds 3 shillings and 2 pence, which were distributed among 2841 participants in the invasion of Buenos Aires (1235 Army and 1606 Navy).

Major General David Baird received 35,985 pounds; Brigadier William Carr Beresford 11,995 pounds, and the rest was distributed about 7,000 pounds for Higher Chiefs of land and sea, 750 for the Captains, Lieutenants 500 to 170 for NCOs and £ 30 for each soldier or sailor.